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  • November 2023 ✍️ Sign up now

    November 2023     WELCOME and firstly let me say hello and welcome to our new members, either on the WhatsApp group, the FREE weekly drop in every Monday at 10am – 12pm, 23 High Street, Stockport, SK1 1EG or just those that have reached out for our support, information, guidance, signposting it really is fantastic to help someone impacted by STROKE and thats what makes StokeInformation different #WeCareBecauseWeveBeenThere.  At the time of writing this, Sunday just gone saw us celebrate another World Stroke Day, yes 29th October is World Stroke Day and we should reach out to more and more people impacted by Stroke.   Around the world it happens over 17 (seventeen) Million times a year!!!  That figure is going to increase and whilst we know we can try and use preventative measure to stop strokes from happening but in reality if it is going to happen it will happen, just like a heart attack, in fact a Stroke is a brain attack and here at StrokeInformation we want to help you learn how to manage, how to cope and how to be the best version of yourself.

    Dont just take my word for it…….. Hear what Sophie has to say!

    Want another one?  How about Mandy?

    More you say??

            ** Announcement ** StrokeInformation has listened to the people and it is our great pleasure to launch our “Wobbly Women WhatsApp Group”  If you would like to join in, please email with your details and we can add you –

    Jenny, 10 months post stroke, arm rendered useless by consultant…….  🤷🏻‍♂️

  • October 2023 ✍️ Sign up now


    We now find ourselves in OCTOBER 2023 and we are immensely proud to be the Charity chosen by Cheadle Heath Nomads Football team which are in the North West Counties League First Division South.   Look out for upcoming events where we can truly help our local community and people within it impacted by Stroke as our name and reputation grows.

    Speaking of growing, WELCOME to our very latest wobblers who have joined our whats app community which is fast (pardon the pun) becoming  a very active and powerful sounding board whee we can all help each other.  It really is empowering.    In the last few weeks of September we have had an influx of people impacted by Stroke from all over the country reach out for support and we will do what we can to make their recovery journey as obstacle free as we can.

    Recently a few of our group have interacted on other Stroke groups and one guy is actually promoting the fact that he is walking from John O’Groats to Lands End which is a remarkable achievement but the stroke group which is different to ours as it allegedly focuses on younger stroke survivors, what denote young is another mater but they have removed the post because its not about them!!!   I just dont get it, surely its all about raising awareness of the condition 🤷🏻‍♂️ that is Stroke.   Nobody has exclusivity just as no one deserves to be written off after a stroke.

    NEWSFLASH the Podcast is coming trust me.


  • September 2023


    September is a special month for me especially the tenth day of the month as thats when I had my severe Stroke, wait for it, 11 years ago now.   In the last 11 years, I have had to learn to walk again amongst other things. There has been lots of up and a lot of downs but I think I have to reflect mainly on starting StrokeInformation and the unbelievable accolade of making a registered charity that has now gone on to help a load more people impacted by Stroke anywhere in the world.

    I cannot be more proud of our tagline which stands us out of anything else out there and that is #WeCareBecauseWeveBeenThere.

    Yes I am extremely lucky to have good in fact great people around me in my family and other various friends and contacts.   You see thats one of the many misconceptions about stroke, you can become very isolated and alone.  This couldn’t be more prudent with a couple of stroke survivors we are supporting at the moment especially when the ❝system❞  has let them down.  We have one survivor who’s 2nd stroke wa

    s in 2019, they have had no support or help with physio, speech and. language as well as psychology input yet I believe we can improve their situation and in the last several weeks we have seen the return of their confidence, granted there is still a way to go, but we are taking baby steps which will ultimately turn into a massive leap for them and their family.

    Speaking of families….we also would love to hear from you, so please do not hide away

    moreover come out of your shell, lets hear from you, lets hear your story, how was your loved one, parent, son, daughter, auntie, uncle, brother in fact anyone you know that been impacted by Stroke, how was / is it for them??  we are looking to complete a series of podcasts because I believe it is very relevant to share your experience to help and inspire others in their recovery.  🙈🙉🙊 Please  and let us try and help.
    Dont forget you can now support us by playing our lottery, yes you can win £1000 in a weekly draw or win big in our September draw.                        ✍️ Sign up now✍️.  💰💰💰
    This SEPTEMBER will also be launching our very own series of podcasts, They are going to be called Steady Educate promoting our super mascot Steady Eddie and how we plan to use our own experiences to educate others and will feature some of our fabulous group of WOBBLERS from all over the United Kingdom. Full details of episodes and where you can listen, coming very soon 🎤

  • August 2023


    August, how on earth did that happen??  We are in the eighth month of this year already, HOW? Im not complaining really, its been another hectic, busy but enjoyable month filled with opportunities for us to show our real energy and worth.   Along with the opportunities comes added frustraitions and the people that work in the local authorities and government really cannot see how we are actually helping them in the long run.  For example, we have more than one stroke survivor who has been paid their benefit entitlement beat PIP personnel independence payment or UC universal credit only to be informed at a later date that they have been overpaid and they are now wanting those funds back, even though the mistake lies with them and through no fault of the stroke survivor.   We are talking more than a tenner here in fact in one of our cases its run into thousands.  I know and appreciate mistakes happen but there has to be some form of accountability here.  We are talking about vulnerable people here and this should not happen.  FULL STOP.     Also , we are finding that its becoming more and more obvious that the Adult social care system is equally as broken as some of the health service.   Again we have come up against Stroke survivors being discharged from hospital and no car plan has been put in place, the stroke patient are having no follow up, no physiotherapy, no speech and language, no occupational health, no Psychology follow up and essentially the patient has been sent home or a care home and left to their own devices.   THIS IS SO SO WRONG.    For example we are helping a stroke patient in their forties who had their 2nd stroke in 2018 and they live with their son, it has become apparent that we have been given incorrect information as the doctors on file, have never heard of this person.   So when speaking to the son regarding an iPad we have loaned them to encourage their communication skills, I mentioned that I could really intervene because the local authority need to have their consent for us to help with anything, bearing in mind that the first time we were involved with this person was 10th July 2023.  The response I got from the son when advising of our predicament was “Oh well, we are seeing the social worker on Tuesday 1st August 2023, so we can give the authority then”. These are just a little snapshots of the daily battles we have to give the stroke survivor hope.   Now I am not saying that we are miracle workers but the quicker we can engage with the patient and their family the quicker we can try and make a difference and bring back some for of normality, whatever normality is.    It is anther example of TIME = BRAIN, yes we all know the FAST analogy when a Stroke strikes but the same could be argued about the rehabilitation and recovery, the quicker we can implement exercise beit brain exercise rather than the physical exercise we can commence the stroke survivor to be a better version of themselves.

    Right off my soap box now……A massive warm welcome to our latest employee Matt B, Matt, himself a stroke survivor who is already making a huge difference in what we offer and we dont envisage to stop there, hopefully we can engage more stroke survivors to be part of OUR team.

  • July 2023

    July 2023, Personally another year older, I really cannot believe that as a Charity we are helping more and more people and we reaching wider parts of the globe, Ive been recording a Radio Show in the States with the lovely, charming Molly Buccola and hearing about her Dad’s love for blue gas!!  Thats folk music to you and me.   Watch out for it real soon as I will post a link on how you can listen.

    As well as winning MOST COMPASSIONATE STROKE PEER SUPPORT for 2023, we have also managed  Stroke Advisory CEO of the Year 2023.   What it means I do not know but all I can say is  #WeCareBecauseWeveBeenThere.

    What we do works, simple as that.

    However, I also wish to highlight a couple of cases that we have been helping with as the stroke survivor has been battling with officials regarding benefit payments.  in both cases the Stroke survivors have been paid too much according to their records and their records also confirm that it was they mistake, not the individuals and that quite simply cant happen. the 2 survivors are struggling to make ends meet, yet despite their for want of a better word “Cock Up” they are now demanding their overpayment back.   We will happily take any case on under similar circumstances, are you being treated unfairly because of your Stroke?   We would love to hear from you if you are.

    Also want to shout out to our new friends Gary, Paul & Austin and  Gary and Amanda.

      Just got back from delivering an awareness session in Bowden, near Lymm in Cheshire.  The ladies of this women in fellowship group were a fantastic audience and it was a real pleasure to let them hear my story and my journey to date and why I started the charity, to help others impacted by Stroke.  I even managed to inspire a few of them I hope, so. massive thanks to Margaret, Susan, Joan ad the other ladies in the group, they were truly delightful and hopefully they are now a little more educated about Strokes and the impact they can have on a family.  Truly sorry about my Dad Jokes.  If you have a group that would value a little knowledge about Strokes, please get in touch now and we will try and get something in the diary.  email    Thanks for having me ladies and I hope you enjoy the book.




  • June 2023 

    How can it be June already?  May was an interesting month, the climax of the football season and a trip to Wembley personally and two very similar circumstances as our family witnessed 2 defeats in the Ladies FA Cup final where Chelsea beat Manchester United Ladies, dont worry ladies you have been amazing all season and like Stockport County, we will be experienced next season and stronger for it.   So be Proud very proud, each and everyone of you associated with the two clubs.   Staying with football, did anyone see the story of 13 year old Austin who had a stroke 28th May 2023, he was in goal for his local team Bulldogs U13’s when he collapsed, he was later diagnosed as having a stroke due to the narrowing of vessels and his right and side is effected but in the space of a couple of weeks he is doing amazing, we are helping Austin and the family come to terms with whats happened  but our help is not exclusive to Austin or his family, we will help anyone impacted by Stroke.  in fact I was also contacted just after the last Bank Holiday by someone Ive gotten to know over the last couple of years, because his mother in law had a stroke caused by a clot, whilst they were in Snowdonia.   Two very different situations, two different ages and two different types of Strokes but as always #WeCareBecauseWeveBeenThere.

    Above you will see our link for our very own merchandise to support the charity in what we do and whats more is that we actually receive some funds through a purchase so please support what we do and order yours today, there will be more items coming very soon to so please keep an eye out for new editions.

  • May 2023


    May is here and it is always a good month, its my wedding anniversary this month, we have a number of Bank Holidays too, one of which is to celebrate the King’s coronation, never in my lifetime did I think I would able to witness such a grand celebration but also to see my gorgeous grandson celebrate his first birthday.  Our Stroke group and the FREE drop in which we operate in person and also via Zoom is growing, we have had several new members join in the peer support and it really does work.   I won’t name names but anyone in the group can actually see that what we do works and we will continue to share the message of HOPE to everyone and anyone who needs it.

  • April 2023

    April, Spring 2023, Firstly we would like to welcome our new members to our special club and I really do hope that you get everything you need from StrokeInformation.  Recently I undertook an awareness session at an absolute divine group of gentlemen at Over Peover Mainwaring Probus Club and the chaps welcomed me and made me feel very comfortable as I delivered my latest session and to be honest the audience were very engaging and I actually took a lot of heart from it as the audience had a fantastic array of knowledge, from GP’s, Doctors, Radiologists, Bankers alike and there was one chap who was telling me that when he was growing up he was in area where a lot of the US troops were stationed during the war and he explained that a  relative recently showed him a photograph of when he was about 8 years of age.   Now in this photo, was a certain tall American boy and it transpired that it turned out to be a certain Mr James Stewart who became one of the all time great Hollywood movie stars, in fact he starred in one of my favourite films of all time, Its A Wonderful Life, where the aforementioned starred as Mr George Bailey.  I was in awe and could have listen to him tell me tales of his youth all day and there was me, I was meant to be the one that was talking and explaining why I started StrokeInformation.   One thing rings true, no matter what happens, no-one take take away your memories and that is what motivates me and I try and pass that on to everyone I meet.   Make memories ….

    if you havent ever seen this film, I totally recommend i

    Unfortunately people do under estimate the day my life changed, its the day that I had a STROKE! me a stroke!!! The word stroke is a scary word and will always be a scary word and to have one as a healthy 42 year old was even more unbelievable, an ex footballer. A large bleed to the left hand rear side of my brain!! I know who would have thought I had a brain.
    I hope inspire you as I really have taken that negative and turned it into a huge positive.
    as a business leader, know that your people are human beings first, not your employee, Ask how they are feeling, not necessarily how they are doing and jump right in to the task at hand
    mental and emotional recovery is way harder than the physical, Think before you speak to someone…everyone is going through something.
    -lead with heart, compassion, kindness….it goes so much further and is all people are wanting right now. thats why at StrokeInformation we really can say #WeCareBecauseWeveBeenThere


  • March 2023

    Welcome to March, firstly I just give a very special mention to a lady who lived near me and was a pillar in the local community, Mrs Dorothy Mason, unfortunately Dorothy had a small stroke in 2020 and she was a regular member of our group and drop in until COVID struck and we were forced to go on line and adapt with technology which was a setback but us stroke survivors we always find a way.  I remember like it was yesterday that Dorothy felt she was unworthy of our help, support, guidance, advice and ultimately HOPE because she only had a “Small Stroke” and that it hadn’t really impacted her at all compared to others in our group.   We explained that it didnt matter, the stroke is not based on a game of top trumps, where someone is faster than another or indeed has more wealth, we are all unique and the power of help and support is something that I will never be afraid of giving.  However towards the end of February, Dorothy had a bleed, a haemorrhagic stroke and this time, she was called back to the wonderful world of heaven, yes the almighty one has got himself another angel.  Rest easy Mrs Mason ? ?   Yes it is upsetting but at the same time I am honoured to have known her and her husband Tony and that we as a group were able to help her a little at the time she needed our support. Pic:  St Phillips, Cheadle

    Also now is time to give a huge shout out to BNI Vision and in particularly  Ms Rebecca “Tarrantino” Moloney who took part in a whit collar boxing match raising awareness and funds for our charity, well Rebecca topped £2500 for her efforts and the money gratefully received will ensure we can help more and more people like Dorothy for years to come. ?  ??  Thanks Rebecca x

    Which brings me to mention fundraising in general, the goal is to raise as much as possible where we can offer the stroke survivor a sense of worth once more and if we can employ them or give them. sense of purpose, finding value once again  so in April we have Marta and Mike taking part in the Manchester Marathon if you would like to sponsor them and support us supporting others.  Then in May we have the barmy Damon Carroll, Simon Dawson, Andy Birchenough and Dan Smith are travelling from Hartlepool FC all the way to Edgeley Park, the home of Stockport County by push bike in time to make the game of football between Stockport and Hartlepool and the unveiling of the iconic Danny Bergara statue  is the link for this quest……the funds for this will be split equally between Mentell a mens metal health charity also from Stockport, ourselves and the Danny Bergara statue fund.

    Also would like to reach out to Andy from the Wirral who joined in our Zoom on Monday 27th 2023 and Chas who got in touch via Gordon one of our patrons, hope some of the information helps you both.

    27th March 2023, just want to thank Mrs A Trigg from IOW who kindly donated a cheque for £100.00 thank you so much as this will enable us to reach more people impacted by Stroke and combined with the next donation from Probus this will it cover the cost to use the Zoom facility that we use for the year ahead.    We would also like to express our sincere gratitude to Over Peover Mainwaring Probus Club and in particular to the chaps who had to endure my awareness session this morning and were extremely complimentary on the delivery and the subject matter and their kind donation of £75.00 will also contribute to this expenditure.   Thank you everso kindly and should you know anyone interested in having us down to give one of our awareness talks, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.  Thank You

Listed in the Stockport Directory  Contact number : 0330 055 2197

Other websites specialise in rehabilitation and if you are in the Woking or surrounding area or know of those impacted by Stroke in that area, feel fret check out :-


UK online and telephone support.
UK online and telephone support.

Stroke Information supplies online and telephone support to anyone around the UK looking for advice and motivation from people with experience.

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