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  • 2022 June
    2022 JUNE
    Ill say it again, June wow how?   How have we reached June already??    This year is flying by already and our name is getting out there and being recognised  which is really truly great but there are so many people who dont know about us and what we do, so please let anyone you know impacted by Stroke know about us.
    Also a massive thank you to the Chesterfield walkers, who walked all the way to Chesterfield from Edgeley Park raising awareness of Stillborn and Neo natal deaths through Sands Utd Stockport, Mentell and Stoke Information.  They managed to raise 5k that equates to £1600 for each charity.  Thank you to all concerned, Damon, Dave T, Nick, SCFC, Paul (Harry) Cam, HB, Steve, Mark, Danielle every single one of you, thank you so much.
    What it means to us that we can reach more people who need our help, care and understanding and HOPE

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    NZSET website, which is a website of the New Zealand Stroke Educational Charitable Trust. There are some educational videos that you may find useful
    #WeCareBecauseWeveBeenThere   please drop us a line at  and what about this for a review of my book #InjuryTime  “Hi Nick arrived Wednesday back at our favourite apartment in Alvor Portugal for first overseas holiday since 2019. Perfect time to relax and read your book which I have found inspiring and wanted to say thankyou for all your amazing work supporting the people of Stockport and beyond. My Mum’s Dad had a stroke at 88 and was in a home for 8 years and Dad obviously you know so we are all too aware of the different impact it can have to different people. Speak soon Hot water bottle 🙋🏽‍♂️💙🇺🇾 Simon”. Son of Danny Bergara, legend
  • 2022 MAY
    May already!?   Wow First of all let me please say thank you to Ratty for being part of my life, We said goodbye to you on Friday and even then you left me with a smile because in oe of the tributes left for you that holidays mentioned to Magaluf where someone hid your clothes and part of the instigator was locked on the balcony and made to sleep on the suitcases.   Well pal, I hope you’ve forgiven me now, not admitting that it was all my doing.   Sleep well my friend, rest easy and say hi your mum from me.
    Now apparently they say as one life is taken from us, another one arrives, well I am super proud and uber delighted to welcome Teddy into our lives our first ever grandson weighing in at 8lb 11oz at 03:27am 30042022, he is a little belter and I am not being bias.   Meg and Max havent had it easy as it was a difficult and trying labour and both are currently being monitored by our super NHS. But welcome to this wonderful place called earth.
    Now back to Stroke related news, not only have we just won Best Stroke Patient Support (Mental Health Awards 2022) we have recorded at least 26 referrals in April, 26 families need our support so to me that speaks volumes we do know what we are doing and take it from me, never give up!!  aI say 2 fingers to the term plateau #WeCareBecauseWeveBeenThere   please drop us a line at    Thank You

  • 2022 APRIL

    Well an interesting and eventful month as we have seen a story emerging on Emmerdale about Marlon Dingle and his ischaemic stroke played fantastically by Mark Charnock, don get me wrong I appreciate that things have to be over dramatised to get the message across and that they have enlisted the guidance from the national stroke charity but the amount of comments we have received about how wrong some of the facts are and the reality a stroke causes a ripple feet to the whole family and Rhona is wondering if Marlon will be back to normal in weeks……..What is normal??   To be honest it takes as long as it takes, the key is to never give up.  Then there was an article in the Halifax Courier about how he Shaymen (Halifax Town) were supporting the SA by donning their purple tshirts during warm ups at a recent game and the article mentioned 1000 strokes – guess what the press release came from the charity and the newspaper confirmed that the press release read 1000 yet it should have read approximately 153,500 each year!!  Doesnt anyone check these things??  And finally as the first advert to air after emmerdale was by the national charity, that wouldn’t have been cheap, maybe thats the reason they are always asking for money, donations etc

    I personally think that I would rather tell you about that we do and how we improve the lives of those impacted by Stroke via real life case studies for example a current case study involves a 42 year old lady who had a stroke last August, discharged from hospital and no handover notes and she is getting no help support and guidance because yet again that word plateau is being used. Take it from me, never give up!!  aIl I say, is  2 fingers to the term plateau #WeCareBecauseWeveBeenThere   please drop us a line at    Thank You
  • 2022 March

    Another month passes and we are heading towards the warmer months.  Lets face it after Dudley, Eunice, Franklin we all need something to look forward to but we have to be so grateful too, grateful we have been given at least a 2nd chance and whilst we may reflect we must also spare a thought for what is happening elsewhere in the world.    I do not wish to get drawn into any politics but please pray for Ukraine at this time and hopefully things will sort themselves out real soon.  Strokeinformation continues to reach out to people who need our help, just this last week we were introduced to someone who’s step brother has had a stroke at the age of 41, he and his mum attended our drop in last week and we are confident that we can help him manage and cope with his new life.  It is also worth pointing out that this charity is not just about me, yes I started it with the help of an old work colleagues vision, yes in essence it was JB who gave me the opportunity to build StrokeInformation and that is something that I will forever be grateful for, however OUR charity is for people impacted by Stroke and no-one can break our support #WeCareBecauseWeveBeenThere   please drop us a line at

    Traditional Stroke Therapy Fails – WHY?

    The brain consists of 100 billion neurons and 200 trillion synapses. It’s nearly impossible to grasp the complexity and power of this amazing organ!

    During a stroke, 32,000 neurons die every SECOND, totaling around 1.2 billion for the entire event. That’s a lot, but consider the total neurons in the brain, it’s around 1%. That means 99% of the brain is still intact!

    Thanks to pioneers like Dr. Merzenich ( , who conducted landmark studies in the 1980’s that confirmed the adult brain is not hard-wired, practitioners have an opportunity to “rewire the brain”.
    This means they can work around the 1% that’s been impacted.
    This “neuroplasticity” was considered impossible a few decades ago.

    So why do most traditional stroke therapies fail?

    They abandon a stroke survivor BEFORE this rewiring (neuroplasticity) takes place. Traditional tests which determine if therapy is making an impact do not detect the subtle movements that indicate neuroplasticity is taking place.

    Fortunately, Merzenich, and others, have offered the clinical community an amazing contribution.

    As therapists, we must ask ourselves “What did I do during my skilled 45 minutes session to drive neuroplasticity for my patient today?” “Did I do enough?”

    The average number of repetitions performed in a standard therapy session is 30. Yes, 30!

    We need at least 300-400 reps per session to begin rewiring the brain to provide meaningful outcomes.

    Consider this: There are many studies that show the number of repetitions it takes to “master” a movement. A golf swing, throwing a baseball, ice skating, playing the piano, etc. These repetitions trigger the same rewiring of the brain and require thousands of repititions.

    Each repetition leaves a footprint, a pathway for the next rep to build on and move further into neuroplasticity – the stage where the brain “remembers” the paths, or new wiring, allowing someone to get better, and keep getting better!

    With all the exciting new therapy solutions available at our fingertips, now is the time to challenge ourselves to toss out conventional concepts, usually not backed by research (gasp!) and focus on new protocols, supported by science, that produce continuous and lasting results.

    If you are a stroke survivor or a caregiver, ask your therapist about Dr. Merzenich’s research and read “Soft-Wired: How the New Science of Brain Plasticity Can Change Your Life”.

    Rewiring the brain takes effort and commitment, and it doesn’t happen overnight, but it does work, providing hope for stroke survivors who’ve been left behind. One step at a time 😊.

  • 2022 February
    A very warm welcome to a new month, Ben has had a great first month of work after 6 years of wondering if he would ever work again a true testament of a stroke survivor who is determined not to give in.   Congratulations Ben on achieving your first month and lets hope its the first of many many more where we can make such a difference.
    As well as the shout out to Ben, please may I also welcome our new members to our wonderful world, I cant name you because I do not have your permission as yet but please be aware you are just as important in the role you play within this charity.    So whether you are an email contact, a  social media contact. A member of our group where we thrive off each other and help one another with the challenges that come our way.   As we slowly emerge out of the latest variant please spread our message far and wide, we are here to help ANYONE impacted by Stroke, anywhere in the world and this has proven the case in the last few months as we have reached out to assist others in Florida, Uganda, Austrailia as what we do WORKS…….Whilst Ive got your attention, if you know any person or organisation who are looking to support that “Special” cause, then look no further, you have found us right here, we would really value being your chosen charity of the year….so if this is something you would like to know more about, please drop us a line at
    Another  thing that you might be interested in if you or a connection has been impacted by Stroke, we can help you with your benefits claim here in the UK and whats more we can even complete your MR (Mandatory Reconsideration) if need be and fight your case for you.
    Thank you

    Now in Arabic, French & Spanish 

  • 2022 January
    Firstly let me wish you a very happy new year on behalf of everyone at StrokeInformation.
    I would like to also introduce you to our newest staff member Ben, we first connected on social media  back in summer 2018 when he was getting a rough ride from the housing association where he lives when they were taking their time to fix the floor to his property after his foot went through the floor due a rotting joist anyway we got involved at StrokeInformation and his floor was fixed pretty sharpish.  Without doubt that bond was made and after staying in touch and when the opportunity arose, we have kept our word in offering a position within StrokeInformation.    Ben is now the fourth stroke survivor that we have helped get back into employment and whilst we would love to do it for every stroke survivor there is, we know that is virtually impossible but what we can do is offer hope, real HOPE and make that Stroke survivor feel empowered and part of something once more.
    To help us help others, you can support me in my latest just giving campaign where I am attempting to complete DRY Jan and if can support me that would be fantastic; Link:-
    Lets have a great year
  • December 21
    December 2021, where has this year gone?  It doesnt seem like 2 minutes ago since we were being told to keep safe, save the NHS, stay at home, make space, dont go out, then eat out, then dont go out…….without doubt it has been a crazy crazy time by all accounts, this is about the time to reflect and as I mentioned last moth look at just how far we have come since when our stroke happened and if you are a new stroke survivor then please reach out to us and let us help and guide you.   Recovery from a stroke isn’t a quick fix, its a journey but the main thing to remember is that at least you are on that journey and here at StrokeInformation we will help you all the way.
    Believe me when I say that we all want to get back to normal, whatever normal is as quickly as possible but in all honesty dont rush it as the last thing you want to do is to go backwards to far backwards that every thing seems unattainable but it isn’t, if you want to do it, you will with the right help and your determination.
    Now use this holiday season to relax, set yourself small achievable goals in the new year and then this time next year you will be able to see just how far you have come.  So from StrokeInformation and I, have a very happy Christmas and a wonderful new year.    I am not going to mention everyone as I cant remember all the people we have helped over the last 12 months and beyond, but just remember that we are all with you, so Margery, Cary, Paul, Steve, Riona, John, Sue, Jackie, Michelle, Nick, Mandy, Julie, Janine, Gina, Alan, Rob, Maggie, Alison, Andrew, Ben, Charlotte, Dorothy, Anthony,   Charmaine, Chris, Helen, Katie, Kerry, Kevin, Kimberley, Seb, Leigh, Craig, Lilly, Matt, Michael, Ollie, Pat, Paul, Rhona, Richard, Sam, Kenny, Sonya, Stephen, Valerie, Zoe.  This list could get really long to be honest, so to all the wobblers out there…….keep going
  • November 2021

    November 2021, well this year is finally drawing to a close and its fair to say that its been a strange year with plenty of ups and downs.  One thing that I feel we need to focus on as a stroke survivor is to see just how far we have come, what we have achieved and when life throws you another curve ball we will help you smash it out of the park.

    An area I would like to touch on is mental health, I honestly do not think enough awareness is out there and when something like a stroke happens it can have catastrophic bearings on your well being;  All I can say is you are not alone………Just talk………we are here for you

  • October 2021

    response NC re MP 30.09.21 1

    Please click on the link 👆🏻. This is just a smidge of what we get involved in.   Welcome to October everyone, yes Autumn is here an what a year we have endured.  I am going to highlight what we have been up to recently, as well as fundraising although we haven’t been able to do a lot of that due to restrictions etc we continue to make a difference to others impacted by Stroke.  Within the last month we have helped a few stroke survivors who have been struggling with their mental health and had convinced themselves that they were going to be sectioned but fingers crossed they are now receiving the right help and support they need.  On top of that we have appealed a couple of blue badge applications that have been refused based upon telephone voice assessments, yes that right you read that correctly, they were assessed by a medical professional over the telephone and not via video or zoom 🤔🤔🤔🤔 I have to also mention DWP Pip applications too, its a nightmare and the system is so so wrong and so many people need educating on the impact a stroke has on someone and their family, its life changing;  physically, mentally, financially, emotionally.   Driving assessments we are here to pick up the pieces after a stroke survivor has been refused or have their driving licence re-instated after their stroke and dont even get me started on the link above 👆🏻.  Yes that is a genuine response from a local authority to a fellow Stroke survivor who has been effectively trapped in their home because the lift they installed under a disability facilities grant is not fit for purpose, you will see I have changed their name to protect the stroke survivor and the local authority but hopefully it give you an idea of what we get involved in but it is safe to say that initial on the letter they get the stroke survivors address incorrect and then its a case of  “Well yeah we have done what we can and my elder brothers cousin twice removed have said that we have complied with the issue as best we can and anything else you highlight won’t get a response but will be filled accordingly”. Under trash no doubt or CBA thats cant be arsed to you and me.    Sorry NO not on our watch……..

    Yes the funds we raise go towards things like these……so that is why we love doing what we do, #WeCareBecauseWeHaveBeenThere

Listed in the Stockport Directory  Contact number : 0330 055 2197

Other websites specialise in rehabilitation and if you are in the Woking or surrounding area or know of those impacted by Stroke in that area, feel fret check out :-



UK online and telephone support.
UK online and telephone support.

Stroke Information supplies online and telephone support to anyone around the UK looking for advice and motivation from people with experience.

We encourage stroke survivors and their families to contact usand share your stories and experiences.

We also have supporters nationwide who we can call on if necessary.