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  • 2024 April

    Well hello April, it seems a while since we had lighter nights and better weather but hopefully we are now emerging into warmer weather.

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    Our drop in sessions are becoming really popular now, every Monday, either in person at 23 High Street, Stockport, Sk1 1EG or via Zoom, please  for the link and access details.   We also now have grown our WhatsApp community to be an all inclusive group, a football related group and a ladies only group for all the ladies that just want to chat lady only subjects.  I believe it has become abundantly clear that we have got something special within our community of STROKE life, yes we know that we cannot help every single person but we can try and make you the best version of yourself.     Recently I have been asked to undertake a presentation to highlight what makes us so different and I asked the group members to post photos / videos to me to represent how they were post stroke and how they continue to improve in their own recovery journey, oh my word, the results are phenomenal, truly inspiring and it really proves that there is no such word as can’t.

    One thing that is hard to understand is the tiredness or as we Stroke survivors call FATGUE but its actually more than fatigue its NEURO FATIGUE, after a stroke, your brain needs to rest, recover and regenerate, pretty tough right?  Imagine having to do that whilst the brain is juggling all the other things that it does, like control bodily temperature, ensuring breathing, swallowing, maintaining toilet habits, ensuring the body gets the correct nutrients the list is actually endless.   Therefore it is probably easy for non stroke survivors to use the phrase LAZY, were not lazy we just have an awful lot to contend with.   Another common paraphrase is “Oh you don’t look like you’ve had a stroke”    Why?  What should we look like? never ever judge a book by its cover they say, well its no more true than when dealing with a stroke survivor unless you’ve walked in their shoes and that is what makes StrokeInformation so different.

    If you know someone impacted by Stroke no matter where they live then we would love to hear from you to let us try and help you / them.


  • 2024 March


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    For every £2 we receive £1.20 this helps us provide support for anyone impacted by a stroke.    

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    March 2024, Spring is officially here, days will be getting longer and lighter, new lambs, daffodils are emerging, in one sense its very much a question of new beginnings and whilst on that subject and relating it to stroke, I would very much like to give a huge shout out to DH, almost 2 years ago, you had your stroke and none of us knew what the future may hold for you but you my friend are one hell of an individual, not only have you proved the so called professionals wrong, when they indicated that you probably won’t walk again you’ve defied those odds and have stuck up those two fingers in their faces and said “let me show you” and you did and continue to do so.   Most people dont get what we do, they dont understand that is unless they have been though a similar journey themselves.   What StrokeInformation has done to so many people impacted by Stroke since its inception is truly incredible but the success isn’t down to one person, me, its is success is without doubt because we are all there for each other.   So if you are reading this and have been impacted by Stroke, give yourself a massive pat on the back, you chose not to give up.

    We also introduced another part time employee, Rhian who does a fantastic Stacy impression from the hit comedy show “Gavin and Stacy”, Rhian had her stroke whilst she was 6 months pregnant, this mum of two is a brilliant addition to the team as we plan to continue educating so many about the many many misconceptions of Stroke.  Welcome to the growing team Rhian 👏🏻

    **These case studies are real life situations where StrokeInformation registered charity 1166424 have helped people impacted by Stroke in Stockport and beyond. 

     In every case the real identities for each person have been changed to protect their identity, however the scenario has not been altered in any way shape or form. 

    George came to see us at our drop in clinic at Disability Stockport, 2 Weeks post Stroke and 1 week after his Wife, Mavis came to us in absolute distress and despair and she had no idea of who to turn to talk about George’s recovery, initially Mavis was having to drive up to a hospital our of our community and came to us because she had heard about the services we offer in that we give true peer support, both George and Mavis are 66 years of age and were hoping to go ahead with their mini break to Denmark in May 2016. We gave them dedicated support and encouragement with regards who to talk to from a medical perspective and then once the consultant had given George the all clear to travel (Fly) we set about putting the couple in touch with our travel insurance partner who specialise in travel insurance for stroke survivors and their families. George had speech issues and although he can get his words out, we encouraged them that it will get better over time and we arranged for some business cards to be made to advise people that he has had a stroke and to bear with him. With this kind of unique service, we know that we have and will continue to help others like George & Mavis. 


    Deborah a lady in her sixties has always had her stroke disputed despite consultant’s confirmation notes and therefore she has never been entitled to any financial help via benefits. We managed to complete paperwork on her behalf and with a letter of authority we managed to get the relevant hospital consultants to confirm everything to launch an appeal and not only were the details accepted by the relevant authorities, we managed to convince the parties to back date any awards to the date when the stroke happened. 


    Cath used to visit the gym and this is where StrokeInformation hold a weekly drop-in centre and she advised that her good friend Chris has had recently had a stroke and wasn’t coping at all, he had basically gone backwards and didn’t want to mix with anyone, even his beloved Manchester City took a back seat.  We contacted Manchester City and explained about Chris and what had happened, and that Chris felt a burden to his fellow supporters as they had to drop him at the stadium then it would take a while to meet up, not only did we arrange for a season long car park space within the stadium complex we also arranged a pick up and deliver solution for him and his party to attend the matches. 

    Johnnie was in his thirties when he had his stroke, he had just lost his long term, partner Lucy who had recently passed away after a complex operation. Leaving Johnnie, a single parent to his 3 young children, as if matters couldn’t be expected to take a turn for the worse, Johnnie mother passed away whilst he was in the stroke ward. Johnnie came to StrokeInformations drop in, we discovered that he wanted to stay active so we arranged for him to attend a local gym, we organised a special day for him and the children to Manchester United, Old Trafford, where he was treated to a fabulous tour of the stadium, lunch with the children and some special VIP’s and during the dinner Johnnie admitted that he wanted to make something of his new life by learning to drive and also start applying for employment. StrokeInformation applied for a motability grant for him and managed to get him forty driving lessons which he is still enjoying at the time of writing this case study along with a bespoke CV with a difference to entice any future employer. 

    Arnold, we met Arnie whilst volunteering on the stroke ward, Arnie was married with 2 young children but he was in a bad way, he was in a side room at the hospital but we persuaded him to go on the main ward and compete with other patients by encouraging him to be determined to get better for his children and he did, we started off with small goals and gave him specific tasks to complete like playing dominos. Arnold’s wife came to StrokeInformation explaining that she was in bits and couldn’t see a way out. It was clear that Arnie wouldn’t be going back work anytime soon and she did not know what they were going to do for money, Christmas was fast approaching, and the bills needed paying including the mortgage for the family home. We intervened and secured a letter of authority and wrote to their mortgage provider, explaining the situation they were in that only someone who had been in a similar situation would be able to completely understand, the mortgage provider agreed with Arnie’s wife to grant them a 6 month payment holiday, leaving them with one less thing to be concerned about. 


  • 2024 February

    February comes from the Latin word Februa – it’s meaning?

    ‘To cleanse’ what would you like to cleanse?   How about cleaning you’re mind of all the negatives surrounding stroke?   Why not attend our FREE drop in, every Monday (Except Bank Holiday’s) 10am – 12pm in person at 23 High Street Stockport, SK1 1EG or if you prefer via Zoom.

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    Time: 10-12 every Monday

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    Meeting ID: 812 9828 5505
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    By serving as role models and mentors, we aim to dismantle the stigma associated with life after a stroke.   Additionally, we have facilitated the return to employment for numerous individuals by collaborating with their employers and implementing reasonable adjustments to accommodate their new life circumstances. Through educational workshops and awareness days, we not only shed light on risks such as blood pressure, diet, lifestyle, and stress but also provide practical coping strategies, promoting a resilient “never give up” ethos. We really can promote it because we’ve seen it with our own eyes.   So whatever stage of the recovery journey you are on, let us help you, please feel free to come along to the drop in even if it is to find out a bit more about us



  • 2024 January

    Welcome to 2024, on behalf of StrokeInformation, we wish you good health and happy new year.  The only suggestion / tip that I would love you to remember is “Never Give UP”.   Over the time I have had since starting this fantastic journey and having met some wonderful fellow Stroke survivors, I have witnessed many miracles and they continue to happen.

    Stroke survivors and their families often told things along the lines of ‘oh sorry, he only has 24 hours to live’  or “His hand is rendered useless” or “Sorry to say you will not walk again” or even the tried and tested dual response ‘Yeah, Im afraid you have reached a plateau, thats the best your are going to get”  – I won’t start the year off by swearing but that is absolute codswallop, all the previous examples are real events and guess what everyone of those people didn’t accept what the professionals advised them and they did live, they still are with us, they did use their hand again and still continues to do so and as for the person who was told that they won’t walk again, they are, they’ve also took delivery of a mobility car and slowly they are getting their independence back.

    I also would like to give a special mention to JB who came to us to get some help after his sister had a Stroke at 42, we intervened got her some compassionate attention to help in her recovery and thats what we do best.  He recently messaged me wishing to make a donation and I said that he really didnt need to as the fact that he and his family are getting the support they need, thats the best news we could ever hope for but I have to quote what he replied back “I want to make a donation, I really appreciate everything you have done for *** and continue to do so, without your help and your charities help, Id hate to think where we would be now”  🙏

  • December 2023

    Welcome to December 2023, well where has this year gone??   Really it has gone in the blink of an eye….. (See what I did there bro)

    This week I attended a tribunal hearing for a Stroke survivor who had their stroke in June 2021, they applied for Personal Independence Payment and they were assessed in January 2022, they had a further operation to close a hole in their heart but they were declined any help. We’ve appealed so please bear with me for an update. However what they have endured on top of the Stroke is hard enough but this tribunal, the panel were more concerned on the size of the house, who did the shop at Tesco (other supermarkets are available) and why they were concerned about having another Stroke. These people have no clue absolutely no clue whatsoever, I was and remain truly gobsmacked.  I received a recording of the hearing on the day of the hearing and I received their decision 3 days after the hearing.   It has been refused, so we go again, Ive today requested a full statement on the reasons why it refused and I have also asked for a transcript of the hearing so please check back soon as I will provide an update.   We will appeal because there was several things incorrect during the interview hearing which the panel have ignored and not fully investigated. In fact the panel were more concerned on how the claimant did their weekly shopping (When it was confirmed on several occasions that their partner did this).   It was also confirmed that the survivors partner also undertook food preparation along with washing duties including washing of their hair.   However get this, they been awarded an extra point for managing their treatments or health condition.   The reason this and many other hearings get refused or declined is because the people undertaking the hearing and impacting the Stroke survivor’s recovery journey is simply because they have no clue and no compassion, no understanding what its like to endure a Stroke.     

    So today Ive launched a Just Giving Campaign to allow you to support what we do and its simply called Why?

    Well since my own severe stroke in 2012, I soon discovered that there is very little help and support out there, so I started this thing which became a registered charity in April 2016 and we have helped hundreds of Stroke survivors and their families since. Whether it be, applying for benefits, appealing a benefit decision, getting the stroke survivor back into employment or at least part of something once more, making them feel worthy and they still have a purpose. We dont believe in plateau and can give lots of examples where the Stroke patient and their families have been told “Oh, they will never walk again” or “That arm is rended useless” or No you cant drive………All we would say to that is YET…….We help them achieve those goals, why? well quite simply We Care Because Weve Been There

    We get NO FUNDING Whatsoever, so please consider helping us so that we can help lots of other like the Stroke survivor referred to above.    Thank you and behalf of the wobblers of StrokeInformation, we wish you a merry Christmas and a great year ahead.

                                                                                                                         HEALTH ADVISORY SERVICE OF THE YEAR 2023


  • November 2023 ✍️ Sign up now

    November 2023     WELCOME and firstly let me say hello and welcome to our new members, either on the WhatsApp group, the FREE weekly drop in every Monday at 10am – 12pm, 23 High Street, Stockport, SK1 1EG or just those that have reached out for our support, information, guidance, signposting it really is fantastic to help someone impacted by STROKE and thats what makes StokeInformation different #WeCareBecauseWeveBeenThere.  At the time of writing this, Sunday just gone saw us celebrate another World Stroke Day, yes 29th October is World Stroke Day and we should reach out to more and more people impacted by Stroke.   Around the world it happens over 17 (seventeen) Million times a year!!!  That figure is going to increase and whilst we know we can try and use preventative measure to stop strokes from happening but in reality if it is going to happen it will happen, just like a heart attack, in fact a Stroke is a brain attack and here at StrokeInformation we want to help you learn how to manage, how to cope and how to be the best version of yourself.

    Dont just take my word for it…….. Hear what Sophie has to say!

    Want another one?  How about Mandy?

    More you say??

            ** Announcement ** StrokeInformation has listened to the people and it is our great pleasure to launch our “Wobbly Women WhatsApp Group”  If you would like to join in, please email with your details and we can add you –

    Jenny, 10 months post stroke, arm rendered useless by consultant…….  🤷🏻‍♂️

  • October 2023 ✍️ Sign up now


    We now find ourselves in OCTOBER 2023 and we are immensely proud to be the Charity chosen by Cheadle Heath Nomads Football team which are in the North West Counties League First Division South.   Look out for upcoming events where we can truly help our local community and people within it impacted by Stroke as our name and reputation grows.

    Speaking of growing, WELCOME to our very latest wobblers who have joined our whats app community which is fast (pardon the pun) becoming  a very active and powerful sounding board whee we can all help each other.  It really is empowering.    In the last few weeks of September we have had an influx of people impacted by Stroke from all over the country reach out for support and we will do what we can to make their recovery journey as obstacle free as we can.

    Recently a few of our group have interacted on other Stroke groups and one guy is actually promoting the fact that he is walking from John O’Groats to Lands End which is a remarkable achievement but the stroke group which is different to ours as it allegedly focuses on younger stroke survivors, what denote young is another mater but they have removed the post because its not about them!!!   I just dont get it, surely its all about raising awareness of the condition 🤷🏻‍♂️ that is Stroke.   Nobody has exclusivity just as no one deserves to be written off after a stroke.

    NEWSFLASH the Podcast is coming trust me.


  • September 2023


    September is a special month for me especially the tenth day of the month as thats when I had my severe Stroke, wait for it, 11 years ago now.   In the last 11 years, I have had to learn to walk again amongst other things. There has been lots of up and a lot of downs but I think I have to reflect mainly on starting StrokeInformation and the unbelievable accolade of making a registered charity that has now gone on to help a load more people impacted by Stroke anywhere in the world.

    I cannot be more proud of our tagline which stands us out of anything else out there and that is #WeCareBecauseWeveBeenThere.

    Yes I am extremely lucky to have good in fact great people around me in my family and other various friends and contacts.   You see thats one of the many misconceptions about stroke, you can become very isolated and alone.  This couldn’t be more prudent with a couple of stroke survivors we are supporting at the moment especially when the ❝system❞  has let them down.  We have one survivor who’s 2nd stroke wa

    s in 2019, they have had no support or help with physio, speech and. language as well as psychology input yet I believe we can improve their situation and in the last several weeks we have seen the return of their confidence, granted there is still a way to go, but we are taking baby steps which will ultimately turn into a massive leap for them and their family.

    Speaking of families….we also would love to hear from you, so please do not hide away

    moreover come out of your shell, lets hear from you, lets hear your story, how was your loved one, parent, son, daughter, auntie, uncle, brother in fact anyone you know that been impacted by Stroke, how was / is it for them??  we are looking to complete a series of podcasts because I believe it is very relevant to share your experience to help and inspire others in their recovery.  🙈🙉🙊 Please  and let us try and help.
    Dont forget you can now support us by playing our lottery, yes you can win £1000 in a weekly draw or win big in our September draw.                        ✍️ Sign up now✍️.  💰💰💰
    This SEPTEMBER will also be launching our very own series of podcasts, They are going to be called Steady Educate promoting our super mascot Steady Eddie and how we plan to use our own experiences to educate others and will feature some of our fabulous group of WOBBLERS from all over the United Kingdom. Full details of episodes and where you can listen, coming very soon 🎤

  • August 2023


    August, how on earth did that happen??  We are in the eighth month of this year already, HOW? Im not complaining really, its been another hectic, busy but enjoyable month filled with opportunities for us to show our real energy and worth.   Along with the opportunities comes added frustraitions and the people that work in the local authorities and government really cannot see how we are actually helping them in the long run.  For example, we have more than one stroke survivor who has been paid their benefit entitlement beat PIP personnel independence payment or UC universal credit only to be informed at a later date that they have been overpaid and they are now wanting those funds back, even though the mistake lies with them and through no fault of the stroke survivor.   We are talking more than a tenner here in fact in one of our cases its run into thousands.  I know and appreciate mistakes happen but there has to be some form of accountability here.  We are talking about vulnerable people here and this should not happen.  FULL STOP.     Also , we are finding that its becoming more and more obvious that the Adult social care system is equally as broken as some of the health service.   Again we have come up against Stroke survivors being discharged from hospital and no car plan has been put in place, the stroke patient are having no follow up, no physiotherapy, no speech and language, no occupational health, no Psychology follow up and essentially the patient has been sent home or a care home and left to their own devices.   THIS IS SO SO WRONG.    For example we are helping a stroke patient in their forties who had their 2nd stroke in 2018 and they live with their son, it has become apparent that we have been given incorrect information as the doctors on file, have never heard of this person.   So when speaking to the son regarding an iPad we have loaned them to encourage their communication skills, I mentioned that I could really intervene because the local authority need to have their consent for us to help with anything, bearing in mind that the first time we were involved with this person was 10th July 2023.  The response I got from the son when advising of our predicament was “Oh well, we are seeing the social worker on Tuesday 1st August 2023, so we can give the authority then”. These are just a little snapshots of the daily battles we have to give the stroke survivor hope.   Now I am not saying that we are miracle workers but the quicker we can engage with the patient and their family the quicker we can try and make a difference and bring back some for of normality, whatever normality is.    It is anther example of TIME = BRAIN, yes we all know the FAST analogy when a Stroke strikes but the same could be argued about the rehabilitation and recovery, the quicker we can implement exercise beit brain exercise rather than the physical exercise we can commence the stroke survivor to be a better version of themselves.

    Right off my soap box now……A massive warm welcome to our latest employee Matt B, Matt, himself a stroke survivor who is already making a huge difference in what we offer and we dont envisage to stop there, hopefully we can engage more stroke survivors to be part of OUR team.

Listed in the Stockport Directory  Contact number : 0330 055 2197

Other websites specialise in rehabilitation and if you are in the Woking or surrounding area or know of those impacted by Stroke in that area, feel fret check out :-


UK online and telephone support.
UK online and telephone support.

Stroke Information supplies online and telephone support to anyone around the UK looking for advice and motivation from people with experience.

We encourage stroke survivors and their families to contact usand share your stories and experiences.

We also have supporters nationwide who we can call on if necessary.