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Run by  Stoke Survivors and others impacted by Stroke.

To establish a team ran by survivors who fully know & understand what its like to have a Stroke.

Provide guidance from the coal face, initially in the Greater Manchester region (but if you live elsewhere and have a question, don’t be afraid to ask, if we can help you we will) **This service is available to all, Stroke patients, families of patients, supporters alike.

To look at bringing in a top of the range clothing line, a fragrance as a start  so that you always smell and look good. PLEASE NOTE THAT ANYTHING WILL BE IN STRICTEST CONFIDENCE.

After forming as a constitution initially, we have now gained registered charity status and we have Nick (Myself) as CEO and other trustees  who will remain nameless currently to ensure there is not a conflict of interest with something similar.

We have the great pleasure in Announcing Ben Wilby aka BOB in Nativity, Nativity 2 & NATIVITY 3 “Dude where is my Donkey” as our first official patron. In anything in life, it is always achievable as a team and Im extremely excited to advise that as well as Ben we have Manchester United, Derby, QPR & England football legend that is Gordon Hill and the acclaimed athlete, WORLD & OLYMPIC champion Liz McColgan-nuttall.

Welcome aboard guys, its great to have you supporting us in empowering others.

Stroke survivors from Stockport got together as we felt that a few things missing from the care of Stroke patients, families and carers, we know because we have been there, as we discussed our intentions with other Stroke survivors and their families, they echoed what we were thinking and also had misconceptions of the only national charity and other charities in general. Therefore we agreed and decided to take action, we formed a new legal constitution in April 2014 with the view to making a new charity initially in the Stockport and Greater Manchester area to build it with investment slowly and truly empower others affected by Stroke. If we build it slowly with the right investment, there is no reason whatsoever that this model couldn’t be mirrored in other conurbation’s throughout the United Kingdom. There are several recognised charities for other medical illnesses so why not Stroke? Especially one solely run by survivors.  We are now national and some could even say global as we have links allover the world.

We evolved from 4 stroke survivors from the same region who decided to get together, we discovered that there were and still are  missing strategies and misconceptions regarding Stroke and we know we can make a difference to the stroke survivor, families and their network of friends, WHY? Because simply we have been through it and truly understand and can relate, empathise and empower others who are where we once were.


To establish a drop in centre on the high street,  potentialy to incorporate a charity shop / community cafe ran solely by Stroke survivors,  to have the ethos to get the Survivor off disability and sickness benefits and back in to some form of paid work, whether it be phased or part time but ultimately give that human being a value of worth once more.


In essence we aim to stay grounded throughout this, too many charities these days are not a charity as such they are quite often a money making machine and the end user doesn’t benefit from any of the fundraising that takes place, this is where we aim to be different and we plan to actually make a difference to the Stroke survivor, by looking to get them back into the working ethos, whether it paid, part time or voluntary, WHY? because we were once where they are currently.     #WeCareBecauseWeveBeenThere

Our values define who we are and how we will work with others:
• Grounded
• Passionate
• Determined
• Discreet
• Give hope
• Enjoy life – live not just exist

UK online and telephone support.
UK online and telephone support.

Stroke Information supplies online and telephone support to anyone around the UK looking for advice and motivation from people with experience.

We encourage stroke survivors and their families to contact usand share your stories and experiences.

We also have supporters nationwide who we can call on if necessary.


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