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Locked In Syndrome (LIS)

As some of you may not know Locked In Syndrome or LIS as it is known is as a result of a Stroke.

Is it locked in or as I call it locked out??  The person, the stroke survivor is still there, it is just effectively they are locked in there situation or as I refer locked out as in the survivor is locked out of the world and all that is around them.  They can still hear, see, etc but are unable to use their voice to communicate with the rest of us.

We have to find different ways of listening or communicating, like my old mate Pete Coghlan (AKA The Wizard of Aus) and another dear friend Kate Allatt ironically both once locked in / out and even more bizarrely both from Stockport originally.   Pete who I Skype now and again is now living in Perth and Kate well she is also on the other side of the universe or Sheffield as it is known.    Both Pete & Kate are true inspirations to me and part of the reason I started this blog site which I am now pleased to have found other like minded inspirational characters, our aim has always been to make StrokeInformation a registered charity, we didnt give up so please as I write this bear that in mind, NEVER GIVE UP – All i can say is WATCH THIS SPACE.     Should you wish to donate to our official StrokeInformation patron’s account, namely the StrokeInformation Michelle Wheatley Fund the details are as follows:  Account Number 10920320 Sort Code 205534 Reference 0501003543 via the Vernon Building Society




LockedIn Poem
A Syndrome they call it Locked In
A beating finger or a blinking eye
A better phrase would be Locked Out
Awesome frustration is but a sigh
All you really want to do is Scream or Shout
And then there’s laughter or to cry
Amazed at the lingering self doubt
Awake with anguish, Am I to die?
Another test to see if I can feel my snout
About a stroke Im knowledgeable about.

Books are great for family members or friends
But only those who have lived through it will truly understand
Between living and dying is where Im at, does that make amends?
Be sympathetic, I can hear every word and….
Beep !! That’s my monitor so, stay with me
Blink, thats my eye talking to you…..

Can you hear me???

Can you hear me???

Can you hear me???


Michelle Wheatley one of our patrons became locked in as a result of her Stroke and like other stroke survivors / patients they need support, it really does make a difference so please join me in wishing one thing, HOPE, we have to HOPE we have to believe.

UK online and telephone support.
UK online and telephone support.

Stroke Information supplies online and telephone support to anyone around the UK looking for advice and motivation from people with experience.

We encourage stroke survivors and their families to contact usand share your stories and experiences.

We also have supporters nationwide who we can call on if necessary.


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