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2022 September

This month marks my 10 year stroke versary…Yes the day when my life changed rather suddenly 10th September 2012 is when it happened and I recollect what I was like then to now and I really cannot believe how far I have come and I would not have been able to do half of this without my family and friends as well as the intelligence of one Dr K Dizayee.
During the last 10 years it is fair to say that I have met some truly incredible people, some real gems along with lost a few special people too and of course there been a few people who proved themselves to be a total waste of fresh air but its all about experience and how it can make a difference to you and others.
We have actually had a busy few months with more and more referrals and people needing our help.   Even this week Ive met Mike who is 16 months post stroke and it was absolutely amazing to be able to tell him and show him what determination and hard work can do almost 10 years on, admittedly I am in a privileged position to offer a tour of an EFL football club but it is all about making positive contributions and making a difference and providing HOPE.
Whilst on the subject of providing hope, one of our group was refused her pip (Benefit Entitlement), so we completed a mandatory reconsideration and it got refused, we stuck with this and requested that it went to a tribunal hearing, hoping that it wouldn’t go that far but it did and guess what not only did they agree with us, but they also back dated money owed to her which is a service we offer for FREE, the lady in question made a £100 donation to us yesterday which is gratefully received however thats just a snapshot of WHY we do what we do.
Another member of our group rang this week to advise that her bus pass had expired and that meant she couldnt book a ring and ride service……A new pass in on its way thanks to our involvement.
I would love the opportunity to educate what the brain can do.
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Anyone can have a stroke, here’s proof
 ? God Bless & Thank You 1926 – 2022 HM QUEEN ELIZABETH
UK online and telephone support.
UK online and telephone support.

Stroke Information supplies online and telephone support to anyone around the UK looking for advice and motivation from people with experience.

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