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2024 June


Welcome to June, yes a warm welcome to our new wobblers who have joined our special band of brothers and sisters, please remember we care because we have been there.  Im also pleased to announce that we have just been recognised in our local community as we have won an award with the Vernon building society community stars scheme.  Receiving any recognition is an amazing feeling because we must be doing something right.

Whether you are in contact via telephone, email, WhatsApp or social media we will always look out for you and try and assist you in being the best version of yourselves.   No matter what anyone says, they can and do get proved wrong, so DONT GIVE UP trying.  Over the years since our inception we have seen it many times where the so called professionals have said “Oh, you won’t be able to do this again” or indeed “you won’t be able to do that” remember a ver special three letter word and that word is simply YET.     As I mentioned last month, our WhatsApp community is growing and we now have several WhatsApp groups, including a general one, a football one which might be a tad quiet until the Euro’s start and a fantastic ladies only chat which was the brainwave of Jackie, what a brilliant idea?

Big shout out to Frank and Elaine, thanks Matt for seeing if we could help with their notability car issue, just to say that we care because we’ve been there and we managed to intervene and educate a few people about the impact a stroke can have on a person and their family……guess what?   Frank & Elaine will be getting their hands on a brand new vehicle imminently.

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UK online and telephone support.
UK online and telephone support.

Stroke Information supplies online and telephone support to anyone around the UK looking for advice and motivation from people with experience.

We encourage stroke survivors and their families to contact usand share your stories and experiences.

We also have supporters nationwide who we can call on if necessary.


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